Saturday, March 7, 2015

Save Mother Earth: Upcycled Jewelry

Looking for a unique piece of jewelry? Then upcycled jewelry is the way to go! You'll have everyone green with envy, begging to know where you got your amazing piece from.

But, guess what? They will never find one exactly the same as yours! That's the beauty of upcycling - every piece will be different.

So, what can you upcycle into jewelry? Well, broken jewelry, for one thing. Even if its not broken, you're just plain bored of it - upcycle it! Just like this piece of agate from a vintage necklace.

Don't just stick to broken or boring old jewelry, though. Look around you. Anything could be upcycled into something shiny and new - just like these household items: 

Knitting Needle Bracelet by SewNewThings

Recycled inner tube choker by Marlen Wolff

Lightbulb earrings by LaVieilleLune

Amazing aren't they? I would never have though of using old knitting needles like that. Or even burnt out lightbulbs and inner tubes for that matter! And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You could even go for more intricate and finer materials such as the mechanism of an old watch. These are pretty cool as they have a vintage vibe to them.

Steampunk pendant by CosmicFirefly

If fun and light-hearted (or even nerdy) is your style, then make use of your old (errrr...vintage?) toys and show them to the world! They would definitely make you stand out from a sea of regular jewelry.

Look around you. What else could you upcycle into jewelry?

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