Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Inspiration: Cracked Glass Marbles

If you're a Pinterest user then you would have seen quite a few pins about cracked marble jewellery going around lately. This DIY jewellery is not a new things, though. It's been around for quite awhile - I've heard of people saying that their grandmums and mums used to crack marbles to entertain them. Go figure.

I remember collecting marbles and playing with them in school (no, I am not admitting my age here) but I would never have thought about cracking them!

They're simple enough to make AND they're amazing gifts (note to self for Christmas presents). Start off by looking for the marbles you need. If you're just into cracking marbles or if you want to test it out, then regular large marbles should do. Don't stick to those round marbles, though. The sky's the limit!

Tutorial by CreativeThriftiness

All you'll need for this are marbles (duh), a baking tray (any one will do), an oven, and a bowl of ice water. Check out the tutorial below. I chose it 'cos of all the pretty colours in the picture ;)

Tutorial by Shaunte

Once you've got the hang of this art, then there really is no reason to not show them off. How can you not? Just look at them, all sparkly and pretty - just waiting to be flaunted.

People tend to make necklaces out of them as they can be too heavy for the ears but I think that you could still make earrings with the right size (or if you don't have a problem with the weight).

By Dionce

But you know what's the best way to show off your bling? Somewhere you can flash it (in a good way - stay clean, people!) at everyone. On your hands, of course! Check out some of these sparklers:

By Marcy

I think that this one was meant to be a bracelet but it would look gorgeous as a ring as well. Bling for the win!

By Lori

Okay, so I just realised that there is a 'Frozen' theme going on. Just let it go, alright? Happy Cracking!

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