Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How To Reduce Phlegm With Indian Borage Leaves

The Indian Borage leaves, also known as Spanish thyme, are often mistaken for a type of mint due to it's heart-shaped leaves. Unlike mint, these leaves are, however, covered in short fine hairs.

For something that looks so furry, this hidden gem is laden with benefits. So much so, some doctors recommend it over more conventional medicines. Better yet, it is a wonderful addition to a herb garden (think substitute for oregano). What more could one ask for? A leaf that has both, medicinal and culinary, uses.

This plant is known to help with coughs, sore throats, blocked noses, dandruff, burns, sores, insect bites, skin conditions, bronchitis, asthma, indigestion, insomnia, and even pain such as headaches and cramps. Woo, that's a long list! Makes you wonder what else it is used for, doesn't it?

When in the kitchen, it is used to flavour curries and meat dishes as it aids in masking the strong smell of the meats. You could even eat it raw with bread and butter!

As enticing as the last one sounded, we prefer to have it as a tea. Because, before you say anything, there's always time for tea! Try this recipe out and let us know how it goes.

Indian borage leaves
Mint leaves
Lemon balm leaves
Small slice of ginger
1 cup water

1. Wash and pluck the leaves and place them in the TM bowl.  Pulse on speed 4 for 5 seconds.
2. Pour in one cup of water. Veroma/reverse blade/10 minutes/speed 1. At the end, the water will be reduced to half of it's original quantity.
3. Strain mixture and drink hot/warm. Add some honey according to taste.

*Drink this twice a day for best results (less coughing and reduced phlegm) 

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